Sunday, July 10, 2011

College Football Preview (Stanford)

Stanford will be very good this year. With Andrew Luck returning, even the loss of the starting wide receivers and coach from last year won't stop Stanford from having a good year. Luck can throw to anyone, and although there are many teams better than Stanford, no one should take them for granted because Stanford can play. They start out the season with seven games that should be easy for them before facing USC. They face Oregon just two weeks later, and face Notre Dame two weeks after that.
My Prediction:
Stanford will do well, and beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, 35-10.
2011 Sugar Bowl Champions

College Football Preview (Boise State)

Although they lost their two best wide receivers, Titus Young and Austin Pettis, and their offensive coordinator, Boise State still is a force to be reckoned with, especially with Kellen Moore returning at quarterback, and Doug Martin at running back. Even with all of the changes, there is still hope for the Broncos, and I think that they will win at least 10 games. Their first game is in Atlanta against Georgia on September 3rd, and after that they don't have a real test until they play Nevada on October 1st. After that, they may face a good team in Air Force on Oct. 22nd, and then play their hardest game of the year against TCU on November 12th. I believe that these are the only three games that they could lose, however I think that they will have to lose at least one of these games.
My Prediction:
Boise State will have a productive year, after losing one game, they will play in the Fiesta Bowl and lose to Oklahoma 28-31.
2011 Fiesta Bowl Runners-Up

Monday, July 4, 2011

CFL Canada Day Kickoff

We have FOOTBALL! Just not in the way you'd think. The NFL is still in a lockout, but the CFL has already started its regular season. With a 120 yard field, different rules, and so on, the CFL and NFL are similar but not the same. Unfortunately, for us in the United States, (Happy 235th America), if the lockout goes on we'll have to watch either the CFL, with all of its difference, or the UFL, basically a minor league to the NFL. The CFL kicked off its season over the weekend in its annual Canada Day Kickoff. The Montreal Alouettes beat the BC Lions on Thursday in Montreal 30-26. On July 1st, Canada turned 144 and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 24-16. Later that night, the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders dueled it out until the Argonauts won 23-21. There were no games on Saturday, but on Sunday, the Edmonton Eskimos beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 42-28. Hopefully we won't miss any NFL games this year, but being in July and with no timetable set for negotiations (although right now their winging some), I don't know when we'll see an NFL game. Until then, GO CANADA!