Saturday, October 15, 2011

Upset Saturday

First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't show my picks this week. I didn't get around to it today, but I'll be back next week. Here's how I did last week compared to Lee and Kirk from College Gameday last week:
Frank: 9-1
Lee: 6-4
Kirk: 7-2
This week was an interesting one in College Football. First of all, #23 Michigan State beat #11 Michigan 28-24. Later in the day, Ohio State knocked off #16 Illinois 17-7, and #12 Georgia Tech was stunned by Virginia 21-24. Arizona State at Oregon is currently starting the second quarter, however an upset could occur there, as the Sun Devils are currently beating the Ducks 14-7.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My picks vs. those of College Gameday

This week, I am showing my picks on the top games of the week and comparing them to Lee and Kirk from College Gameday's picks

                                                     Lee:                              Kirk:                                      Frank:
Oklahoma vs. Texas:                Oklahoma              can't pick, calling game  Oklahoma
Ohio State at Nebraska:           Nebraska                 Nebraska                          Nebraska
Florida at LSU:                              LSU                           LSU                                       LSU
Texas A&M at Texas Tech:      Texas Tech             Texas A&M                    Texas A&M
Iowa at Penn State:                   Iowa                         Iowa                                 Penn State
Missouri at Kansas State:         Missouri                 Kansas State                 Kansas State
Michigan at Northwestern:     Michigan                 Michigan                       Michigan
Miami(FL) at Virginia Tech:     Miami                     Virginia Tech                 Virginia Tech
Georgia at Tennessee:              Georgia                   Georgia                          Tennessee
Auburn at Arkansas:                   Auburn                   Auburn                           Arkansas