Sunday, January 8, 2012

Game of the Century: Take 2

Two months ago, on November 5th, the supposed "Game of the Century" took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, between Alabama and LSU. LSU pulled out a win in overtime, 9-6. Tomorrow, those two teams meet again, this time in New Orleans, for the National Championship. For the first game, I picked Alabama, 12-10. I wasn't that far off on the score, but I picked the wrong team. This time, I hope to do better. I think that the number one key to the game is offense. It's a battle of defenses, but the team that succeeds on offense is the one that is going to win the game. The number two key is special teams. Who can make that long return that sets up something? Who can make that clutch field goal? Which team is going to block a punt? I think that all of these are important to the way this game will come out. Although LSU won the first game, and may have the momentum, I think that Alabama is out for blood tomorrow. I think that Trent Richardson and AJ McCarron will be able to create the spark of offense that this team needs to beat LSU. I don't think that LSU will be able to contend with Alabama if the Tide can get a lead of at least two scores. Typically, these supposed "defensive games" turn into the games with more offense because the offenses know that they have to step up more. Although I don't see Alabama winning a full share of the National Title, they're the better team.

My Prediction: Alabama and LSU are deadlocked 10-10 at halftime, but Alabama pulls ahead in the second half and doesn't look back. Alabama, 27-17.

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