Thursday, April 7, 2011

Championship Game Final

             In arguably the worst National Championship Game ever played, Uconn beat Butler 53-41. Neither team seemed to be able to make a shot, with even easy layups missing the basket. Butler shot 18.8% from the field, the worst percentage in Championship history. Uconn didn't shot much better, only making 34.5% of their shots. Butler only made one shot from inside the paint, and only three inside the arc. Jim Calhoun won his third National Title, and Butler suffered heartbreak again. Calhoun, according to reports, may retire over the off-season, which would really hurt Uconn's chances for next year and beyond. This game left many people across the country changing the channel, I mean who wants to watch a defensive struggle? Apparently I am not in the majority of the people, though, because I watched every second of it, no matter how painful. Yes, my pick about this game was wrong, I had a high scoring, overtime struggle with Butler winning, not a 1940's score with Uconn winning, but did anyone expect 53-41? I mean, seriously, if this wasn't the most boring, most impossible to watch game ever, than I will stop covering basketball games. Butler and Uconn will try to defend their finishes next year, and it will be another interesting season. (Hopefully).

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