Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Four Game # 1 Butler vs. VCU

               In an great game, VCU and Butler dueled it out, with Butler winning 70-62. Although Butler was my lucky charm in my bracket last year, (I had them going to the Final Four and was right), I didn't pick them this year and have started to regret it. After the Round of 32 win over #1 Pittsburgh, I jumped on the Butler bandwagon, and have enjoyed watching Butler ever since. In tonight's game, however, I did not enjoy it as much because they beat fellow Cinderella VCU, a team that nobody, (I'm looking at you sports analysts), thought should even be in the tournament, let alone in the Final Four. VCU played like the world was going to explode if they didn't win, and beat USC, Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State, and Kansas, all from power conferences, en route to the Final Four. Butler advances to its second straight Championship Game after last year's heartbreak to Duke, and hope to win this time. As for VCU, they put up a great fight and can hope for the same kind of luck, with a better ending next year.

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