Monday, June 27, 2011

College Football Prediction (LSU)

LSU looks to be an interesting team this year. Althought they lost their best returner and cornerback, Patrick Peterson, to the NFL, and have a new running back, Jordan Jefferson and all of his passing targets return, along with most of the offensive line. Morris Claiborne, who had five interceptions last year, will return and probably have a successful year. Their first game is against Oregon, which I think the Tigers will lose. They then have an easy game against Northwestern State before facing two straight challenges against Mississippi State and West Virginia, one of which I believe they will lose. They have a game against Alabama on November 5th that looks to be a good one, and the Tigers should win. Their last game on November 25th will pit them against Arkansas, a game where I think Arkansas will show everyone that they are not to be messed with and win, just keeping LSU out of the SEC Championship Game.

My Prediction:
LSU will make a second straight appearance in the Cotton Bowl, where they will beat Texas A&M 14-10.
Cotton Bowl Champions

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