Sunday, June 26, 2011

College Football Preview (Oklahoma)

Oklahoma looks to be an interesting team this year. Ryan Broyles, the star receiver, and Landry Jones, a very capable quarterback, return for what looks to be a great year for each. Boomer Sooner will roll through the first part of the season, with the only real challenge being their game at Florida State. The game at the Cotton Bowl against Texas on October 8th will be a tough test, and although I expect them to win, it may shake their confidence. Although they will face a challenge against Texas A&M on November 5th, They will go undefeated until December 3rd, when Oklahoma State will pull off an upset.

My Prediction:
Oklahoma will do well, and win in the Fiesta Bowl over Boise State, 31-28.
2011 Fiesta Bowl Champions

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